Writing/Recording / Playing / Production

liner notes..

1 Race U - writing, drums, Electric rhythm, horn/vox arr., production, co-mix 

2 home - writing, string arr., drums, recording/production, mix

3 TRAMP - writing, drums, b3, rhodes, mellotron, recording/production, mix

4 rude boiz - Writing, drums, electric guitar, juno 6, lead vox, recording/production, co-mix

5 station 15 - Drums, aux perc, accordion, arrangement

6 denise - writing, drums, acoustic, production

7 INDIAN FORGIVER - drums, aux perc, upright piano, moog sub phatty, production

8 Camp Song - horn/vox/band arr., drums, pots/pans, melodica, recording/production, co-mix

9 u & i - horn/vox arr., drums, recording/production, co-mix

10 I can't make you love me - arrangement, accordion, recording/production, mix

11 red caper - Horn/band arr., drums, melodoica, aux perc, recording/production, co-mix

12 show me all the blueprints - drums, co-arr., production

13 amen!! - Vox arr., Drums, Keys, Acoustic, recording/production, co-mix

14 pride advert - writing, instruments, recording/production, mix

15 plastic people - production, engineering, co-mix

16 the ghost - drums, mellotron, b3

17 the moviegoer - drums, mellotron, b3

18 mouth first - drums

19 love light shine - drums, clav, b3, rhodes, aux perc, recording/production, co-mix

20 get up - b3, keys


STUDIO Services


RevivalHouse is an artist-owned studio and label house built on the grounds of an inspiring urban villa in Brighton, Boston.

We're retro-fitted with all kinds of gorgeous boutique and vintage equipment; we think joyous sounding gear can help inspire amazing takes!We also think environment can be everything! Our lakeside studio is creative zen space, secreted away in an otherwise ordinary-looking city neighborhood.

We like cooking up kickass recordings at reasonable rates and are committed to working within your budget, be it big or maybe not-so-big.  We work hard and hang hard too! Capture great parts recorded on killer-sounding gear and let the music speak for itself. Then mellow out by the pool or do some fishing or chase the chickens around (we like to free range). 


pricing avail for DIY + label budgets


Multiple price points avail for mixing



To us, audio engineering is simply an extension of the musical ear; we think the proper engineering depends largely on great vision and good taste. In every preproduction session we ask: what is this song's identity? 

It can sound raw and unfiltered or open and lush, orchestrated or improvised, authentic or spacey or hyper real. It could be a string quartet or guitar pedal explosions or analogue syths or spooky sounds from the cellar or WHATEVER.

Our goal is simple: give a great song its perfect voice through original crafted composition, arrangement, instrumentation and production. 


Mixing and Mastering

RevivalHouse offers lush, stylized mixes and masters at affordable prices. We've got a bunch of mixers and price points, which can help if your project is a little cash-hungry (who's isn't these days?). Featuring Grammy noms behind the board!!


Label Services

No one talks about the important question: what do we do with these super amazing-sounding records once we're finished recording the things!? We've seen so many amazing albums wither and die at the hands of an unsuccessful release campaign. As artists we invest so deeply in our records--we need to start making the release as successful as the recording!

We want to put a really killer release plan together for your next record. We'll start with free consultation (come one come all); then we can take a look at some creative marketing strategies we've had some luck with, line up/manage "release assets" (photos, videos, album epk/one site, etc), compile an industry network for emailing, help develop your merch buildout, manage rollout, pretty much all the things! 


recording gear


schoeps cmc6 x2

telefunken ar51 x2

telefunken ak47 

telefunken m80

samar vl37 ribbons x2

blue mouse

rhode k2 x2

yamaha subkick

shure 57's



universal audio apollo 16

universal audio 8 x2

Daking iv preamps x12

BAE Dual 1073DMP

stereo Chandler tg2 Preamps

stereo npng preamps

thermionic culture phoenix

thermionic culture rooster

universal audio la-610 x2

empirical labs mike-e

kush audio clariphonic


plugs From..

universal audio





Native Instruments



features and amenities

Waterfront view

cobblestone pool

hot tub

outdoor patios

pool table

chinese fish garden

shower facilities

chicken coop (fresh eggs!)


chandler pond provides most excellent



ice skating



DW Custom 13/16/22 Maple

Sonor sq1 12/16/22 Birch

1963 Ludwig Supraphonic Snare

Pearl Free-Floating Snare

13 Yamaha Akira Jimbo Snare

Ludwig chrome over brass snare

14/21/22 Bosphorous cymbals

23 sweet ride

22 hhx ride

21 A custom crash/ride

14 hhx groove hats


bass + guitar

1972 fender custom jazz bass

fender american P bass

Fano sp6 Alt de Facto

Parts telecaster

Taylor + martin acoustics

classical acoustic 

Two Rock cardiff head+cab

Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 + Ext cab

verellen bass+instrument amp

ampeg 6x10 bass fridge

1965 supro tremo-verb



1987 Kawai Baby Grand Piano

Nord stage 3

1983 juno 6

1968 Fender Rhodes mk1


prophet 6

mellotron mini

wurlitzer 200a

Hammond xb-2

Crumar Mojo b3+combo organ

leslie 3300 rotary speaker

Crumar seven


pedals from..

earthquaker devices






software + pads

NI Maschine mk2

ni vintage organs

ni "gentleman" upright

roland spd-sx

samplemodeling horns